How to Understand Dream Experience

Taught by J'aime ona Pangaia
Voice Dialogue Teacher and Trainer

October 23 - November 20, 2022
ZOOM class
Sunday mornings

10:00am - 12:00pm PST

Tuition is $225 payable by paypal

This program will examine ways to understand and integrate the meanings of our dreaming experiences. It is open to anyone interested in understanding and using their dream experiences. We will explore:
How can we understand the symbolic language of our dreaming experiences?
Are there correspondences between our dream and our waking life?
How can dreams help us to become more consciously whole, to be more self aware?
J'aime ona Pangaia is the author of "An Introduction to Voice Dialogue" and an international teacher with over 35 years experience in the practice of Voice Dialogue and Dreamwork.
Register by emailing J'aime at vdcnw@comcast.net I'll then send you a PayPal invoice to confirm your registration.