White Jade Buddha

Bangkok Voice Dialogue Trainings:
Foundations of Voice Dialogue

September 13 - 23, 2012
Bangkok, Thailand

For Foundations: 18,000 THB (approximately $582 USD)
For Deepenings: 25,000 THB (approximately $808 USD)

Open yourself to a lovely adventure this fall and begin your Voice Dialogue experience in Bangkok Thailand, September, 2012. Stay a few days longer and visit famous Buddhist temples, shop at the night market and eat some of the most delicious cuisine in the world. All teaching will be in English with Thai language translation.

(Buddha statue in Chiangmai Doi Suthep temple)
At ripe points in our lives, we feel called to reintegrate more of who we can be into our realm of possibilities. It may be a loss that triggers this search for wholeness - loss of an important relationship, a job or career, the empty nest, a loss of purpose. Or, we sense a pull. A memorable dream stirs us. Or, we're preparing to enter into a new situation and we want to overcome our fears and inhibitions. It may be that we are feeling itchy because of someone who is really bugging us and we want to figure out a new way of handling ourselves with them. In one way or another, a psychic initiation has begun. For this, Voice Dialogue is an important method for becoming aware of just who it is we think we are, and how we can be more of who we 'are'.
This program introduces you to the basics of Voice Dialogue theory and provides you with direct experience of Voice Dialogue facilitation in a group format. The teaching covers:
The Psychology of Selves
The Aware Ego Process
Power and Vulnerability
Principles of Nature & Psyche (what motivates the selves)
Energetics of Selves
Personal & Impersonal selves
Bonding Patterns in Relationships
Dream Process & the Selves
Experiential aspect of the program includes:
Exercises to discover one's own primary, disowned & shadow material group dream work
Voice Dialogue facilitation experience exercises to demonstrate the energetics of selves.

the Practice of Voice Dialogue

September 26 - 30th, 2012
Bangkok Thailand

This week-long program further develops your understanding of Bonding Patterns in Relationship, The Aware Ego Process, Dream Process, and the practice of mind breath meditation to further enable the Aware Ego Process. Our time together is a blend of teachings, paired exercises, group Voice Dialogue facilitations and group sharing. You'll also continue to engage in practice exercises to learn how to respectfully set healthy boundaries in order to take better care of your ow needs for health and well being. Taking the Foundations program and getting Voice Dialogue facilitations or attending some of the local Voice Dialogue Oasis monthly groups are a prerequisite for this program.
Contact Voice Dialogue Center NW for more information, or to register: vdcnw@comcast.net
J'aime ona Pangaia is a veteran consciousness teacher of over 30 years practice. She trained and continues to work directly with Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, creators of Voice Dialogue, being one of their senior teachers and facilitators. She is the author of numerous articles and the book, The Benefit of People Who Bug You, An Introduction to Voice Dialogue. She maintains a private practice in Portland Oregon and travels in the US and abroad to teach Voice Dialogue.