The Transformational Arts Program is a supportive container for opening to non-judgmental awareness and while evolving your sense of purposefulness in life. It supports you to make a significant life transition in order to generate body-mind-spirit wholeness and empowered compassion in the world. Core beliefs and patterns are examined and reconsidered. New ways of experiencing yourself and your world are initiated. The program utilizes 6 core sources for invoking this initiation:
Voice Dialogue - You will learn and extensively practice Voice Dialogue TAP VD Diagram through the teachings, reading and receiving regular Voice Dialogue sessions with me throughout the program. Each retreat will feature the group facilitation process, allowing you a more full picture of the dynamics between inner selves. You will learn new ways to engage in honest, connected and respectful relationship with the important people in your life, while learning as well how to create and maintain and accept healthy boundaries.
Dream Work - You'll learn more ways to work with your dreams,TAP Dream diagram feeling how the currents of Psyche move and express through images and symbols. Part of this will occurs within the core program and part will happen in the interim dream group series. There will be 3 6 week series held online with the whole group, between the first 4 retreat programs.
Meditation Practice - You are encouraged to develop a regular, TAP Meditation diagram basic meditation practice to support the development of the Aware Ego Process. There will be meditation sessions within the weeklong programs.
Movement Practice - You are encouraged to explore a personal, TAP Movement diagram regular contemplative movement practice (such as Yoga, Tai chi, Qui-gong, Akido or Ecstatic dance) that supports conscious mind-body awareness. There will be movement sessions within the weeklong programs.
Archetypal Studies - You will learn basic literacy with archetypal images TAP Archetypal diagram to support working with sleeping and waking dreams and for recognizing archetypal patterns as they reveal themselves in life. You'll learn through teachings, assigned readings, and group dream work.
Expressive Arts - You are encouraged to choose one or more expressive, TAP Movement diagram primarily non-verbal arts (such a working in clay, paints, collage, sculpture, drawing, or music) to enlist and express non-rational dimensions of psyche. Together, during the retreats, we'll work with collage and other materials.

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Program Description
Structure of the 2 Year Program

There are two TAP group locations available, in Portland Oregon and in Bangkok Thailand.
The Portland TAP weeks typically occur in the spring (May) and fall (November). We'll establish a new start date when there are a minimum of 6 people who have submitted applications.Please contact me, J'aime, personally by email if you are considering the Transformational Arts (and Voice Dialogue Training) Program.
The Thailand TAP occurs in January and July. The new Thai Transformational Arts Program (TTAP3) will begin in January 2021. Completed registration must be done by December 1, 2020.
The Thailand TAP is held in English with minimal translation. Participants should be proficient in English - both spoken and written. If you are interested in learning tone a Voice Dialogue facilitator on completion of the program, you must be able to complete the reading / writing assignments in order to be able to be adequately trained and supervised as a Voice Dialogue facilitator.
Over the course of the program, our group will meet together in person 5 times over a two and a half year period for a seven day intensive. Additionally, members will meet once a month via a tele-group with J'aime and participate in mid-intensive multi- week tele-dream classes. Participation in all five sessions is mandatory to complete the program.
This program overall embeds a traditional "Level I and Level II" curriculum (as designed originally by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone) for Voice Dialogue training as well as an optional Facilitator's level training in year two. The Transformational Arts Program is modified to include archetypal and mythic studies as well. Each weeks' retreat will also feature movement sessions, creative arts sessions and periods of contemplative practice. For US participants, there will be approximately 45 ceu's per year available upon request for an additional fee from the NASW for licensed therapists and counselors who are in the program and who need ceu's to meet licensure requirements.
You will be supported in your consciousness practice by receiving an average of two personal sessions a month with J'aime for the duration of the program (a total of 40 sessions). These can be used Voice Dialogue facilitation (recommended), dream process, personalized teaching or general mentoring and support. Be prepared by being in a quiet, private environment so that you can give your full attention to your sessions. These sessions are included with your tuition. Students who live outside of Portland will have their Voice Dialogue sessions via Skype or FaceTime These can be video recorded so that you can review your private sessions as you wish.
Regional Aspect
Participants will be supported in choosing regional practices for their meditation practice, movement and expressive arts practices. Guidance for choosing a practice will be given as needed.
Assigned Studies
Every month, there will be a new reading and writing assignment to complement the spoken teachings. Most of (not all) of the written assignments will also be shared amongst your cohorts as a way to widen your perspectives and learnings. Completion of all assignments in a timely manner is a requirement for further facilitator training.

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"The Transformational Arts Program has provided me with enough structure to feel safe and to go deep, as well as enough flexibility to experience myself as an active co-creator in the process. One year into the TAP, and I was amazed by all the gifts I received already from it. I am learning so much about my selves, and I can also see the people around me more clearly. J'aime creates a powerful and secure container with her integrity and skill."
~ T.Y., Oregon, USA

Angor What doorway

"When I signed up for TAP, I was hoping the process would help me to become a calmer, wiser, gentler person. In less than a year, I also began to reclaim my vulnerability, my creativity, and my strength."
~ S.L., Ontario, Canada
"Along the way in this two year program, I've realized the value of practicing in a group of committed practitioners. It's an exciting and wonderful journey to witness my own transformational inner process to somewhere I don't know but trust."
~ S. A., Bangkok, Thailand
"My participation in the TAP program is not only teaching me how to facilitate Voice Dialogue, it has also transformed my awareness in a manner which has enhanced my relationships at work, with friends, and with family."
~ D. C., California, USA
"The Transformational Arts Program is a wonderful journey into the world inside me, and bridging the world inside to the world outside. It makes my life richer as a full human being in this world."
~ V.V., Bangkok, Thailand

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Registration Process

Prior to attending the Transformational Arts Program, participants will have taken at least a Voice Dialogue Introductory workshop (or equivalent) with a senior Voice Dialogue teacher and have had a minimum of 3 individual Voice Dialogue sessions with J'aime ona Pangaia (these can be via Skype for out of town applicants). Additionally, please read Embracing OurSelves, by Drs. Hal and Sidra Stone, and An Introduction to Voice Dialogue; Finding the Benefit of People Who Bug You
Application Process
Please submit a letter of introduction, beginning with describing why you are interested in participating in the Transformational Arts Program.
Please further introduce yourself to me with a short biography of your family life and describe yourself both in terms of where you are coming from (personally, professionally) and what you are seeking to embrace next in your life. Describe the scope of your Voice Dialogue experience and any other type of significant (to you) consciousness work/training you've experienced.
Tuition Plans
There are a number of plans available for covering the cost of your program. For those attending the Portland based TAP, a list of nearby bed and breakfasts' or hotels will be available upon request. Contact Voice Dialogue Center NW for details.
Your tuition includes the cost for all 5 of the seven day intensives, all tele-class calls and classes, and 30 private Voice Dialogue/ mentoring sessions, generally at a rate of two a month. For those joining the Thai Transformational Arts Program, your tuition also includes the cost of food and lodging at our retreat center locations.
Tuition rates will be posted when a new TAP is ready to be scheduled
To submit your application, or for further information:

Voice Dialogue Center NW
J'aime ona Pangaia, director
3647 SE Ogden Street.
Portland OR 97202