transformational arts program

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Join me in a two year program for initiating a new level of consciousness and engagement with psyche.

What is the Transformational Arts Program?
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We live our lives and relationships most fully when we have the capacity for deep self-awareness, acceptance, sensitivity, creativity and choice.
Thankfully, life presents to us many transformative doorways to pass through over the course of time. We are invited first, then required to pass from one stage, one form, into another in order to stay in harmony with our soul's journey. What helps us to accept those invitations? What helps us stay in process and moving towards harmony? How do we stay in alignment with our psyche's journey, even during those times when we feel lost and uncertain? And staying mindfully, wholly, in process?
Join me for a two year program, called the Transformational Arts Program to initiate a new level of consciousness and engagement with your inner being and the living world. You already feel the urge to make a solid change in how you are living your life and you already know that this type of change requires attention, devotion, courage, love and constancy. Being in a two year program with companions and seasoned guides allows you the cleared space and support to accomplish just that.
Over a period of two years we'll meet five times, for a week at a time. Additionally there will be three conference-call based dream process/learning groups in between our in-person sessions and monthly group calls. You'll be learning and experiencing methods that will build a stronger, grounded relationship between body and mind, ego and soul and between you and the world as it appears to you. You will belong to a group of dedicated people who risk being immersed in both their own inner work and the work of being in relationship to others. More certainly, you will more and more consciously experience belonging to your own, dear Being.